Suffering from an unending cold?
Suffering from an unending cold, dull skin and a bad hair day is turning into a month of unfortunate do’s? Not to sound like an infomercial, but we know the solution to your problems!
Orange pumpkin, orange dress, orange skin
With the month of October upon us, everything around is turning orange.
Lycopene in tomatoes: Anti-wrinkles, anti-damage, anti-aging…
Tomatoes will not only blend in with your Max Mara ensemble, but will ensure that your skin stays young and beautiful.
Astaxanthin – one scary-sounding word, one powerful antioxidant
Astaxanthin sounds like it should be a name for an extremely poisonous spider, it can do wonders for your skin!
High altitudes and healthy skin don't mix, but we have the solution!
Summer is almost over, but for many of us the vacation time is still to come.
Beauty is frail they say, but with the right approach it does not have to be
The appearance of a woman’s nails can really make her look or even an entire day.
Oysters – a little something for him… a little something for you… goes a loooong way!
Oysters will not only help you spice up your relationship, but will leave your hair looking fantastic!
Parabens: Friend or Foe?
Truth – Skin damage. Myth - Breast cancer
Is Your Skin Ready For The Summer?
Beach time is almost here! And although summer usually brings fun and relaxation, these hot months can turn into a real battle for your skin.
STOP aging your skin!
How many of you use exfoliating face wash or those luffa gloves to scrub your faces clean a few times a week or even every day?
Forever young?... Oh, yes, please!
Another ingredient is making news on the beauty scene – grapeseed extract!
Hydrate me, please… PLEASE!!!
Hot summer months is definitely a good reason to drink more water.
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