Another ingredient is making news on the beauty scene – grapeseed extract! 

We all knew for a while that the skin of grapes in interaction with ethanol somehow does the trick for the health of our cardiovascular system – God bless that glass of red wine every night 

But…what are the benefits of the grapeseed extract?

1. Major antioxidant properties: 30-50 times more potent than vitamins C and E! In addition, it improves vitamin C activity, keeping your immune system well powered 

2. Reduces edema! I don’t know about you, but my first thought is: ‘that time of the month’ – egh..wouldn’t it be nice to reduce swelling and not to feel like a blue whale during those few days?...Well, grapeseed extract is your guy! 

3. Anti-aging properties! Not only does it provide protection for your entire body, it saves your skin from aging BIG TIME by blocking the effects of stress, pollution, UV rays etc.

4. Reduces inflammation, like dermatitis! 

5. Improves skin’s elasticity by strengthening those collagen fibers! 

What else to wish for?... 

Check out YOUNOM creams and supplements – they sure got the grapeseed extract, and as you can see, for a good reason! 

Stay healthy and young forever! 

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