☀️ Hot summer months is definitely a good reason to drink more water. But here are a few more incentives besides the discomfort of thirst:

1. Healthy weight – a good level of hydration will ensure:

a. Metabolism boost – scientific data suggests that drinking enough water will help you burn fat more effectively, hence, if you stay hydrated, those Friday night nachos will be used to provide you with energy (and pleasure) rather than insulation

b. Appetite curbing – we often confuse hunger with thirst, which means that dehydration makes us eat more than is actually needed

c. high energy levels – brain and muscles need oxygen, so besides breathing, water is a next best thing. So next time you feel tired, unmotivated and simply cannot get your gorgeous behind to the gym, reach for a glass of that calorie-free magical liquid!

2. Glowing skin – not to mention that adequate hydration will improve your skin’s elasticity, but water provides you with a proper microbiota (intestinal environment). A huge pool of scientific data has emerged in the recent years to suggest that unhealthy microbiota is to blame for autoimmune diseases, depression and skin disorders.

3. Disease prevention – 1% dehydration (that’s about the time when thirst kicks in) will give you a headache, but 2% chronic dehydration will put you in danger for developing colon, bladder and even breast cancer.

So don’t think twice, drink up! 


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