Oysters will not only help you spice up your relationship, but will leave your hair looking fantastic! Now that’ a bargain indeed!

What you have probably heard:               Oysters are an aphrodisiac

True or False:                                             True

How:                                                           They are rich in selenium and zinc along with D-Asp and NMDA amino acids which are essential for spermatogenesis and high libido 


What you probably haven’t heard:          They will give you those great full-body, shampoo-commercial-worthy locks you have always dreamt of!

True or False:                                            Sooooooooo true!!!!             

How:                                                           Oysters are a great source of: iron, zinc, copper, selenium, calcium, protein, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin B12, omega-3 – Wow, what a list! All these are crucial to feed and strengthen your hair follicles  

So go ahead and pencil in your calendar those romantic moonlight oyster nights! And to ensure that your hair grows fast and stays healthy in between those exciting escapades, checkout YOUNOM products – we’ve got your back! 

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