STOP aging your skin! 

 How many of you use exfoliating face wash or those luffa gloves to scrub your faces clean a few times a week or even every day?

My next question to you is: do you want to look older with dry, rough and wrinkle-full skin? No? Than STOP!

Most women use improper procedures to wash their faces before going to bed. They are doing it with good intentions, mind you, but bringing upon their skin more sorrows than benefits.

 Here is why:

Our epidermis – the upper layer of the skin consist of four layers and is completely renewed approximately every 30 days (and the numbers go up with every decade – yikes!) The most outer layer – stratum corneum sloughs off every 7-10 days. Hence, your skin does need your help to get renewed but not more often than every week and a half!!!

Stratum corneum acts as a barrier, protecting you from infection and dehydration. So attempting to remove it too early with that not so gentle scrubbing will shorten the turnover time, leading to rough, dry and wrinkly skin. Something to think about isn’t it..?! 

So, ladies, put your hard gear down and treat your beautiful faces with a gentle wash and a proper moisturizer that answers all of your skin’s personal needs! 

At we make 24h multi-active face cream customised exactly for the needs of your skin based on your DNA profile! 

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