Is Your Skin Ready For The Summer?

Piece Of Advice From YOUNOM 

Beach time is almost here! And although summer usually brings fun and relaxation, these hot months can turn into a real battle for your skin.


Frequent showers

A cool shower or a bath in hot weather will certainly make you feel good, but it will not do so for your skin! So do not confuse being wet with being hydrated and stock up on a good moisturizer to make each deep skin-friendly. 



Sweating will give you a glow, but it will not be a healthy one. Along with dehydration and possible irritation, you will also be losing micronutrients vital for your skin’s health. So besides deciphering which color of a bathing suit will look good on you this season, think hard about your nutrition and skin care products. 


 UV rays

All of you natural blondes and redheads, put your hands up! Yes, we know, tough luck - ultraviolet radiation is especially detrimental to your skin's health. However, a simple rule of hair colour does not always apply, it all depends on your genetic makeup. So, even the skin of luscious brunettes can be extremely prone to the uv rays damage! 


With our service, find out if your skin is prone to dehydration, loss of elasticity or UV damage, and then choose the skin product that will conform to your needs! 


So take care, have fun and be beautiful with 

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