The appearance of a woman’s nails can really make her look or even an entire day. Strictly personal opinion, of course, but I do perform a lot better when I see in front of me lovely manicured fingers banging at the keyboard)

Take a look at these few tips, and say a loud goodbye to brittle nails FOREVER!


1.      Moisturize, moisturize, and once again moisturize! Just like your skin, nails dry out. So don’t forget to thoroughly rub in your favorite cream/oil, and for goodness’ sake, get rid of that acetone-based nail polish remover!   


2.      Protect! Nails might seem sturdy, but they are prone to damage. Especially, if you ever want to have that glamourous 1940’s manicure. So think more than twice before you decide use your nails as a screw driver or a can opener! Ask a male colleague to help you out – that could be a good conversation starter 😊


3.      Nurture! We really are what we eat and our nails are a great example of this statement. Deficiencies in iron, zinc, protein and especially biotin (vitamin B7) not only can, but certainly will make your nails brittle and dull. Furthermore, recent studies have shown that biotin supplements, like nothing else can really boost up the health of your nails.  

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