Summer is almost over, but for many of us the vacation time is still to come. And no doubt, an airplane will be the choice of transportation for most. So when you sit in the comfort of what is hopefully a business class seat, in the anticipation of the white sand shores of Bora Bora, you should remember that your skin is undertaking a great amount of stress. 


Wonder what the solution is? 

H20 + the perfect moisturizer! And here is how:


1. Prepare!

Yes, you are super busy, but a week before the trip, treat your skin. Eat right, take supplements if need be and use a good moisturizer to make sure that your skin receives all the necessary nutrients and care it requires.


2. Action #1!

Once you are on the plane, you should remember, that the cabin's humidity level is VERY low, so you need to have the very best hydrating moisturizer you can possibly find! Water misting, you ask? NO! This is the worst thing you can do. As the drops dry out, so does your skin!


3. Action #2!

Sun screen! Even though you are in a cabin, you are also closer to the sun.  So, if you are in a window seat and flying during the day, you cannot go without, especially if your skin is prone to uv damage! 


4. Action #3!

1, 2, 3, drink! A glass (or more;)) of champagne will surely ease up your nerves, but not your skin! Instead of the dehydrating alcohol beverages, lay on that bottle of H2O! 


5. Enjoy your wonderful vacation and your healthy glowing skin with YOUNOM personalized skincare! 

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