With the month of October upon us, everything around is turning orange. Leaves are changing their color; grocery stores are full of pumpkins and the new hot shade to wear this season is also, BIG SURPRISE -  orange!


Don’t get us wrong, we are not suggesting that you should tint your skin as well and blend in with the season, however, if you did miss out on that golden glow this summer, or would like to freshen up your tan, we can tell you how: sun-free, wrinkles-free!


Answer:             Vitamin A, or rather it’s plant form – β-carotene


How:                  Research has shown, that daily consumption of β-carotene for a month will give you a tan that is not only awesome in color, but is also healthy!


Where:              Stock up on the orange, yellow, red and dark green fruits and vegies! Include in your meal an extra serving or 2 of those daily, and before you know it, you’ll be mildly tan! But don’t overdo it, otherwise you will become the                            color of that dress you just purchased at your local H&M!)


Bonus:              Vitamin A protects your skin from the UV rays damage, so if your lazy sunshine time is still ahead of you, keep in mind our tip and don’t forget to use a daily moisturizer that also contains this vitamin, especially, if your skin is prone to the UV rays damage.  

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