Suffering from an unending cold, dull skin and a bad hair day is turning into a month of unfortunate do’s? Not to sound like an infomercial, but we know the solution to your problems!

Didn’t think that poor immune system and unhealthy-looking hair have something in common? Well, they do and it is a mineral called Zinc.

1.      Zinc deficiency is very common and despite all the fortified foods on the shelves of a supermarket, it may be easily acquired. You can get it by simply making a habit of drinking too quickly your favorite café latte after lunch!

2.      Zinc deficiency will weaken your ability to fight off pathogens; and with the flu season in full speed, who wants that?!  

3.      Zinc deficiency does not only undermine your immune system, but your natural beauty as well! No wonder those lacking complain about their hair thinning out and the unexpected breakouts. Zinc keeps your hair thick and your skin acne-free!

So, do consume enough of zinc-rich foods, don’t drink tea or coffee with your meal and look into YOUNOM’s skin-hair-nails supplements, to make sure you get all the zinc you need to stay beautiful and healthy!

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