DNA customized face cream? Or a DNA test to choose the right cream for your skin? 20 years ago, who knew that these things would even be a subject for a discussion. But in 2017, ladies, it is no longer a possibility, it is hardcore reality. And you know what? I personally, could not be happier about that!

In the year 2003, the year of the termination of the genome project, we thought that the world of medicine will be over as we know it. With the decoding of the DNA, we expected that there will be no longer any questions but only answers to all the problems of humanity. We were terribly wrong.

It was easy to hypothesize that there must be genes that would be directly responsible for the development of so many diseases. But as we found out, it was hard to pin-point many that would show to have any significance for human health.

However, since then not a year passes by that we hear something new about that mysterious sequence of nucleotides. Albeit, it seems that another few decades will be needed to get to the results we were passionately craving for since the very beginning of the genome project journey.

But here is the good news, ladies: in the world of cosmetic dermatology, we are facing a much brighter future, and might I add, a much brighter presence too, than in other medical fields. There is a fantastic amount of successful research dedicated to finding out how to make us more beautiful and younger than ever. And most importantly, how to keep us that way! Isn’t it really what we all secretly (or not so secretly😉) want?...I mean, forget about that cutie under the Christmas tree with a bow! Hell, I’m more than willing to trade in a few dates for a youth serum!

Ok, enough of the fun talk, and let’s get back to the serious stuff. There are in existence genes and their variations that are ‘in-charge’ for a few properties of your skin, such as photoaging, hydration, the degree of antioxidant protection and elasticity. And, an even better news: a simple DNA test can help identify and analyze them in order to find out if there is an obstacle on the way to your eternal beauty and if so, how to get rid of it.

So, to put it a lot more plainly than that: with a quick mouth swab, you would be able to find out whether your skin is more prone to lose elasticity, hence the appearance of the premature wrinkles; or if your skin gets rapidly and severely damaged by the UV rays, even though you were out in the sun for only a few minutes; or if your skin loses moisture quickly; or is unable to effectively protect itself from the stress, poor ecology and other factors of the crazy hyped-up life we lead. Therefore, as a next step, using this information, you will be able to obtain the cream for your skin that answers some or even all of these needs.         

Although, today we are not yet able to unravel all the secrets of the origin of heart disease, obesity or cancer, we certainly have the answers to how to make your skin look good. So, here is the punchline, ladies: in our day and age, despite, as some put it, the failure of the genome project, it has become possible not only to choose the right cream for your skin, but to choose the ULTIMATE one. With the realization of these words, I think I have just entered a realm of bliss! What more is there to wish and look for?!!! Aren’t we all always looking for the perfect job, the perfect outfit, the perfect space to live in…? Well, at least this search may now be cut short by one point!

Good luck and stay beautiful!      

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