We have heard and read so many rules about how to manage our skin correctly. Dozens of beauty magazines come out every month, telling lady-consumers, which skin cream, deserves priority on their bathroom shelves. And there is so much confusion and so many questions: is it better to choose a gel or a cream? Is skin care supposed to contain hyaluronic acid to be affective? Some creams claim to fight off the detrimental consequences of pollution, stress, and poor diet, what does THAT mean? And the list goes on. Hence, at the end of the day, without really having an answer to any of those questions, it becomes easy to lower the balance of your bank account by increasing the number of questionable jars on your night stand. Hence, I am urging you, ladies, not to settle and to ask yourselves one and only question, when choosing skin care products: which one would be right for MY skin?

We are all engineered, if you will, differently. Yes, we all belong to the same species and under normal circumstances, have the same number of fingers, toes, eyes and so forth. So, it is very clear, that the anatomy and physiology of each and every one of us does follow a certain set of rules and can be broken down into logical categories, like organs, tissues, cell etc. Well, despite all those similarities, we are infinitely different! Yes, statistically, it is true that there probably, somewhere on this planet Earth, exists a person, who looks exactly like you. But even if you were to have or do have an identical twin, your preferences in clothes or men, or diseases that you might develop or how ‘well’ you age –  all these factors may have a colossal variability! Human skin or an integumentary system is an organ and the largest one we’ve got. Therefore, you can only imagine how many differences can manifest from one person to another. Such as: dryness, elasticity issues, sun pigmentation, regeneration capabilities and so on, the extent of all of which is dependent on your DNA makeup and the type of the skin care you choose. Has it become more confusing? Never mind. For now, just forget everything you used to know so far about skin care, as I would like to introduce you to a new world of DNA skin care – the DNA face cream.

The DNA face cream

First things first – what is a DNA face cream? It is a new line of DNA skin care that allows one to obtain the ultimate product one’s skin requires. Remember, how I mentioned that the health of your skin is directly dependent on two variables, nature - your DNA makeup and nurture – the type of care you choose for your skin? Well, the DNA skin care, hence, the DNA face cream is all about that! First, your DNA-determined skin factors are worked out. For instance, whether your skin is prone to dehydration, or your skin’s elasticity is compromised; whether your skin is incredibly sensitive to the sun, or perhaps it does not need any extra UVB protection what so ever… Then, after the genetic predispositions part is all taken care of and the needed results are obtained, a product or a line of products is chosen SPECIFICALLY for you. This way, you will not only have a face cream, but a DNA face cream that is created to fit those unique differences of your skin that set it apart from anyone else’s. Not bad, huh?! More space in the bathroom, more space on your credit card and certainly, a lot less to worry about! Because let’s face it, we all want to be beautiful, we all want to be healthy and most of all we so desperately want to maintain that healthy and glowing beauty for as long as we can.

So, thanks to DNA skin care, we can now get our personalized face cream, breath more easily and spend that extra time we used to waste on frantically rummaging through the beauty magazines and shelves in a drugstore, on something more productive, like yoga, or visiting an art gallery, or spending a quiet, soul-filling afternoon with your favorite book, in your favorite café, worrying about absolutely nothing... That is something to think about and aim for indeed, wouldn’t you agree?..

Good luck and stay Beautiful!  

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