Stretch marks..., or better yet, pregnancy stretch marks... ok, so, many of you thought about pregnancy and then immediately drew a very vivid picture in your brain that goes a bit as follows: cute baby -> cute baby laughing -> your baby, that you almost kicked the bucket carrying and giving birth to, does not look like you, but resembles greatly your mother in law -> wait, the process of giving birth! -> pregnancy-> weight gain-> oh, no, pregnancy stretch marks – as if I didn't have enough troubles already...! And I'm not even going into detail about all the responsibilities and the expenses of raising them, giving them the best you can possibly give etc. Have I scared you off pregnancy forever? 😊  I certainly scared myself off just by writing this paragraph... Well, moving on. Those who are tougher than me and braved even the mere thoughts of the possibilities described above, first of all, deserve a medal, and second of all, they deserve the best care in esthetics one can possibly get! It is true that some things cannot be helped, but at least there is one less to worry about – the pregnancy stretch marks. 

 Everybody knows what stretch marks look like: they are thinned out sections of the skin, often displaying an unsightly purplish hue. I paint quite a picture, don’t I? 😊 However, not everybody knows why they appear. There are numerous theories concerning the real reason for development of stretch marks. Some studies claim that their appearance is provoked by high cortisone levels, oral contraceptives, certain diseases, such as Marfan syndrome and so on. But many of us have had these ugly things for years without the involvement of any of the above. So, overall, the usual cause for stretch marks is a rapid change in size, whether it is weight gain (be it muscle mass or fat tissue), adolescent growth spurts or pregnancy. The skin, does not have the ability or time to adjust, hence, scaring happens due to the disruption of the structural support system – the layers of collagen and elastin fibers. Seems simple enough, but this story does come with a little twist. Despite it all, we do not get stretch marks in the same way. What I mean is that some of us get really distinct scaring with sharp discoloration, some get stretch marks even if there was no major or abrupt change in their weight or height. Some get small, barely visible stretch marks and some, the lucky ones avoid these unpleasant skin alterations altogether! Why is that? Well, I am glad you asked! This happens because of our differences in the genetic code. And that is also why…no, I will not tell you that there is a cure; stretch marks are scar tissue, once they set they are there to stay, but there is a possibility of the preventative treatment! Since we are all engineered differently, including our skin, we all have different predispositions. For instance, your skin can be more prone to UV rays damage, or dehydration or even may have a tendency for elasticity loss. And this is where the miracle begins! As we have established, stretch marks are a result of collagen and elastin destruction – the very fibers that give our skin it’s elasticity, flexibility to change, turgor, you name it. This destruction can take place due to numerous factors such as genetic predisposition to low collagen renewal rate, or a collapse of elastin fibers because of oxidative stress, UV radiation etc. So, if only we could not just ‘cure’ this predisposition for low elasticity but dare I say it even boost those fibers up a notch… Luckily, with new developments in cosmetics and dermatology we can. All one would need to do is a simple DNA test that analyzes necessary genes and gives you and us information regarding your skin’s predisposition for developing stretch marks. In YOUNOM laboratories we are currently working on new formulas for customised body lotions that will surpass all modern skincare products. This way you will definitely be able to avoid having those awful pregnancy stretch marks.

Happy? I know I am! I am still worried, of course about all the other things that may result from having a baby, but at least I would not have to think twice before putting a two-piece at the beach afterwards. Daily application of such concoction has not only shown to restore the already damaged sections of the skin, but to also increase its elasticity multifold. So, as you are choosing the baby’s name, a crib, doing prenatal yoga, think about the right treatment for your beauty. Because pregnancy is tough as it is, so do not hesitate to make it easier and stretch marks free!   

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