Choosing the perfect cream for your body, whether it’s your face, your neck, your hands or even your feet, has remained a challenge for most and for quite some time. How often have you walked into a department store, looked at the shelves with all the cosmetic products and thought: ooh, boy… where do I begin..? All those jars, all those colors, all that glamour! You are like a kid in a candy store, wanting it all, but constrained by the harsh reality of being able to choose just one treatment, maybe two, or even three, but only if you have been reeeeally good… Well, now it is possible to have Christmases and birthdays all year around, because you do not have to choose anymore – you can have it all! And no, having it all is no longer a crock, it’s your new reality! Not too shabby, huh? I now I’m game!

Worrying your pretty head about whether your face cream should be oil or water-based, a gel or a semi-cream has become obsolete. Now, the only phrase that should continuously be playing in your mind when faced with such task is: ‘choose the DNA-based cream’. Why? Well, it is as simple as that: beauty comes from within. They say: find out who you really are and somehow life will become easier. Well, the same principal applies when it comes to your looks. Sure, that shiny thing called a mirror can be a pretty good judge, but only when it comes to your external appearance. It will not be able to tell you how long that beautiful reflection is there to stay, or what will be able to compromise it. Thankfully, a DNA-based treatment will take care of all that and so much more! First, you would have to collect a sample of your cells, so that a DNA test may be performed. This way, an analysis of your genes can be carried out to get the ‘personality’ of your skin all figured out. Pretty thorough, huh?! And only then, based on the obtained results, you get a personalized skin treatment that will solve all your problems. Well, maybe not all….there still will be things that you would have to do by yourself. For instance, your face cream will not be able to tell you if you should marry that guy or not, but whatever you decide, whether it is walking down the aisle or breaking up with him, you can be sure that you will look flawless doing it😊.

So let’s recap and highlight all the pro’s and cons of choosing the DNA-based cream:

  1. Time 

Well, the initial process of ‘making a choice’ is a bit longer than just walking into a store and getting the latest innovation in the world of cosmetics, but you do the DNA test only once, as opposed to full of confusion monthly trips to a beauty store. So, with a DNA-based treatment, you are set for life. Unless, of course you are planning on walking into some sort of reactor and getting an extra gene mutation or something…😊 didn’t think so. Therefore, in my book doing a DNA test is still a time saver, so I choose the DNA-based cream  

        2. Money 

It is definitely a more expensive option than a face cream you would find in a drug store, but is certainly comparable to the one belonging to a top/famous brand.

        3. Efficacy 

Now, for efficacy, I would really have to give a double checkmark sign! And I think, that this is the most important point to consider. Because let’s face it: what is it all really for – countless hours, money, and extreme effort that we spend, trying to find the ultimate skin treatment? And the obvious answer is: we crave to see results, and lasting ones, mind you!!! So here is where a DNA-based option beats all your previous face creams. It will target your skin’s weak areas, so that you see and feel a colossal difference in your appearance.

Am I dreaming, or the DNA-based cream option conquers the triangle of project management, making the impossible possible?! 😊 Well, maybe I cut it some slack on the money issue, but in my book, beauty and time are priceless, so when it comes to choosing a skin treatment, for me, there no more questions, it’s affirmative – I choose the DNA-based cream.                  

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