Hearing for the first time ‘DNA face cream’ does raise a certain number of questions. Although we are slowly getting used to the notion that a DNA test has become a routine tool for medical doctors, it is still quite unusual that determining one’s genetic makeup may play a significant role in getting not only our health, but also our physical beauty back on track. So, what is this DNA face cream? It is a cream that is designed to solve issues associated with your skin type. If after reading the words ‘skin type’ you immediately think of dry, oily, mixed, sensitive and think: ‘been there, done that’, then you need to continue reading, revelations await you.  


This new approach toward the beauty of your skin is no longer that general, but very specific and very personal, indeed. Each DNA face cream is created based on your skin’s needs. You no longer have to guess, whether what you have just purchased in a jar will make your complexion shine with a healthy glow. You will know that for certain! A rather compelling reason, isn’t it?


And the best part is – you do not have to wait for a skin problem to occur in order to start using the DNA face cream. It will not only fix your current skin issues, which you may not even be aware of, but also will prevent the development of new ones. And as we all well know: prevention is the best treatment. Therefore, as opposed to other skin creams that we are used to seeing on the shelves of the cosmetics stores, this new product is not age-specific, but rather skin-specific and may be used in your 20s as well as throughout your golden years.


This new regiment is based on your skin’s DNA, which will show predispositions to specific skin problems: loss of collagen, loss of moisture, photoaging and damage by the environmental factors. All you would have to do is order a DNA test thorough a simple online transaction. Then share a bit of your saliva for the analysis of your skin’s DNA and wait for 7 short days. Then according to the results, which will show the genetic makeup of your skin and, hence, its ‘weak spots’, you will be free to enjoy the face cream that was designed specifically for YOUR and only YOUR skin type!               


This unique beauty regiment has been developed by the skin specialist at YOUNOM laboratories. They have ensured that your experience with the product will be smooth, easy and very pleasant indeed, especially after seeing the results! So this time, the skin care you purchase will no longer be a guessing matter, a waist of time and money, but a safe and a smart bet that your skin will look and feel its best.

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