Attention to nutrition as a subject has increased drastically during the past few decades. People are no longer interested in getting merely caloric energy from food, they are looking for something more and rightfully so. Food is now viewed and treated as a tool, a tool to not only maintain ultimate physical health, but to maintain the ultimate physical beauty. Various anti-aging programs and procedures have reared in the field of cosmetic dermatology, however, at the present, the attention of health professionals and the public is concentrated on the role of nutrition in treating and most importantly preventing various signs of aging. The DNA-customized nutrition supplements have received the most praise and consideration in this area. Their ability to revive and maintain the beauty of one’s skin, hair and nails have demonstrated results beyond imagination and have put this approach to the top of the list among beauty specialists all over the world. 


From antiquity into the future

The desire for eternal beauty is far from being a novelty. In fact, it stretches well back into antiquity. Cleopatra, for instance, believed that swimming in what is now known as the Pamukkale Antique Pool, would keep her ageless, whereas Poppaea Sabina, the second wife of the Roman Emperor Nero, took regular donkey’s milk baths. Some of these ancient recipes travelled well into our modern world, for instance, olive oil, widely used by the beauties of the distant past, is still one of the most popular ingredients in skincare. Nonetheless, scientific progress is ineluctable, and instead of altering one’s appearance via external stimuli, current research has found a way to do so via the internal ones. Advancements in the field of epigenetics – the study of heritable changes that do not invoke modifications in the DNA per sei, but which however, switch genes on and off, altering their interpretation and expression – has produced new insights on how food can affect the health of skin, hair and nails.         


Nutrigenomics – the fairest of them all

The science of nutrigenomics – the effect of nutrients on gene expression – is the new ‘go to’ approach in climbing Olympus of beauty. The increasing amount of data in this field demonstrates that we are indeed what we eat. The ingestion of certain nutrients, for instance, has shown to slow down collagen degradation or even to enhance its synthesis, hence, preventing the visible signs of aging, making skin smoother and more resilient. Similarly, appropriate nutrients will be able to boost the shininess and strength of one’s hair and nails – features that are also of great importance in producing an image of health and vitality when it comes to physical appearance. Furthermore, the study of nutrigenomics goes beyond concurring the disease of aging, it sets out to overcome acne and alopecia of unknown etiology.


The answer

The DNA-customized nutrition supplements are the product on the current market to provide such results. Fast modern life in the 21st century leaves virtually no time to insure proper nutrition. People skip meals, eat junk food and do not have time or energy to monitor whether all the required portions of fruits and vegetables, for instance, were consumed. Satisfying hunger – that is often the goal as opposed to a quality meal, that contains all the required macro and micronutrients. With such eating behavior, health wears down quickly, however, one rarely notices the subtle signals our bodies are trying to communicate. Nevertheless, with the deterioration of our physical health, our looks deteriorate as well and that is when for most the already existing problem finally becomes apparent. With the DNA-customized nutrition supplements this peril will be obsolete. Adequate and better yet, appropriate supplementation, that is developed and assembled based on the patient’s genetic code analysis, prevents any nutrient deficiency from developing in the first place. Therefore, one does not need to worry any more about the consumed food, its amount and variety. Personalized approach allows one to get the exact nutrients that are needed to prevent aging, and also to improve and maintain the ultimate appearance of one’s skin, hair and nails.


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