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At Younom Laboratories, we have developed our personalised DNA test which analyzes the 11 genes that are responsible for your skin’s hydration, elasticity, photoaging, and skin antioxidant protection, created by using the knowledge of modern genetics in skincare. 

By taking our DNA test you will receive your personalised DNA Test Report, which will describe the coded information in your 11 genes, as well as giving you general skincare recommendations which are important for your specific genotype. 

To conduct the DNA Test we need a sample of your buccal epithelium to analyze your DNA. In order to receive your own customized face cream, made specially for you, you simply need to perform the following 5 steps.

Step 1. Purchase the product that interests you at www.younom.com. The minimum order is a DNA test kit (conducted only once) and one face cream.

Step 2. Within 5 business days of your purchase, you will receive a DNA test kit to the address specified in your registration. CAREFULLY follow the test instructions enclosed in the kit.

Step 3. Send the DNA sample to the laboratory by mail. The return address is indicated on the envelope enclosed in the kit.

Step 4. Receive your report with the results of your DNA analysis to your personal account within 7 business days of sending the DNA sample to the laboratory. You can find the report in your personal account at www.younom.com. Sign up to our subscription service and confirm your order of the recommended biologically active supplements.

Step 5. Receive your Younom products, be it the cream, the face cream and biologically active supplements, or the cream and biologically active supplements subscription, within 12 business days of sending your DNA sample to the laboratory.
Important: If you choose our subscription service, you will receive the first set of products to your indicated address within 12 days of sending your DNA sample to the laboratory. You will receive each subsequent set within 60 days after the receipt of the previous order.

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